A Carriage Ride

If you have little tots enjoy them now, because before you now it they will be all grown up. I actually had to force my boys to take a ride in horse-drawn carriage over the weekend. The local shopping center takes shoppers on a quick turn around the parking lot. I was super excited. The boys not so much. My 12-year-old actually used the phrase, “Hurry up. I don’t want her to get mad if we miss the carriage ride.” They grow up so fast. And Christmas is a little less magical.


Speaking My Mind 12/16/2011

If Kim Kardashian’s divorce was the beginning on the famous for nothing family’s downfall, the Duggars may have just began their fall from public adoration. The family publicly released photos of the tiny hands and feet of miscarried baby Jubilee. They are lovely photos to have for private viewing. They were splashed all over the internet, just like the Duggars knew they would be. This seems to be too much for the public who seem to view it as nothing but blatant media whoring. Even the nosy public has more respect for Baby Jubilee than her own parents do. I doubt that even Kris Jenner would have allowed for the publication of such sensitive photos.

It’s time for the Duggars to begin their long goodbyes with being media darlings. I doubt there will be anymore morning show announcements because the last two have turned out so badly.

Do You Need A Diamond Mask

Just in case you missed the Elizabeth Taylor auction you can buy her diamond mask from Windsor Jewelers over on 1st Dibs. The Henry Dunay, ”The Lachrymosa” was made for Taylor and AmfAR in 1993. It features over 130 carats of diamonds and is yours for only $3million.

Christmas Decoration History

Isn’t it amazing how your Christmas decorations can tell the history of your family. I was looking at the tree today and I was amazed that I knew the story behind almost every ornament. My tree may not look like a designer tree, but it records a million fleeting moments.

My oldest son made this ornament in preschool. He's in college now.

This is the newest. My 12yo made it at during his lunchtime.

My youngest son gave me the crystals as a gift last Christmas and Woodstock is from my youth.

Who is Woodstock without Snoopy? And what is Christmas without Snoopy?

My boys really used to love Pokemon.

A teddy bear from my oldest's 1st Christmas & a Care Bear from when I was a little girl.

My family gave me this Gucci Christmas ornament years ago because I used to wear a lot of Gucci. This is the first year he isn't hanging on the tree.

Do the ornaments on your tree remind you of the things you used to love? It really is a very simple way of recording your family’s interests.

Speaking My Mind 12/12/11

Can the Duggars do anything in private? I don’t mean to sound cruel, but we don’t need to know when exactly she had her miscarriage. We don’t need to hear about her trip to the hospital afterwards. And we sure as hell didn’t need to read daily updates in the press.

A miscarriage is what started the Duggar baby factory. They viewed it as a sign from God. Maybe a premature baby and a late miscarriage is a sign from God that it is time for her to stop.

And if I sound cruel, I’ve been in her place. I had a premature baby in my early 20s, I had a problem with preterm labor in my mid 20s, and I had several miscarriages in my mid 30s. I took it as a sign that maybe my body wasn’t made for making babies. If I get pregnant again it will be true miracle because I’ve learned that maybe the Lord wants me to adopt. There are so many kids without homes why do I need to make my own.

Christmas Cards by Paper Coterie

If you are looking for affordable, original photo Christmas cards you should have a look at Paper Coterie. The cards are sold in sets of 6 or 12, and are priced between $18 and $30.



I need to throw a party so that I can serve champagne like this.


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