Brad Pitt spent yesterday loading car seats and children into a private jet. While I find it kind of odd that he goes on about the environment and then uses a private jet almost weekly, I wouldn’t want to fly commercial with that circus: Six kids, bodyguards, nannies, and assorted hanger ons. Most people will roll their eyes and silently pray for your kid to sleep the whole flight with just one kid, imagine seeing six of them coming. And if nothing else it has to be cheaper to fly private with that many people than first class.

Brad Pitt also thinks their should be laws to protect celebrities from the paparazzi.

Chatting with the Today show , he said: “Let me be very blunt: I hate them. I hate these people. I don’t understand why they do that for a living. We’ve got to make a distinction between these people who photograph celebrities at events and people who climb over your walls or wear camouflage and call out your kids names as you’re trying to take them to school to see if they’ll look that way. I have no respect for these people. I do not like them. I don’t understand how they can live their lives that way. There should be laws against it. They should not be able to follow kids like this, but there’s not right now so that’s the way it is.”

I can understand where he’s coming from, but they create drama in the very way they live. And it attracts the press. If they quietly lived in Maine, enrolled the kids in a school for longer than a couple of months, and just lived their lives, the public would lose interest and leave them alone. They wouldn’t be so interesting if they weren’t so very “jet set.”

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