Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus has finally gotten too big for her britches and wants to be emancipated. Emancipation is the process of a child being made a legal adult. Sources are saying that she is speaking with her lawyers about filing the petition.

“Although she’s only 16, she has been forced to mature much more quickly than most girls her age.

“She is dating a 20-year-old and is already a superstar, so she thinks it’s high time she started living like an adult.

“And although she loves her parents, she no longer wants to be treated like a child.”

If the petition is approved Miley would gain control over her career and finances. But I doubt that it would make it legal for her to have sex with 20 year old Justin Gaston. The only way that seems to happen is if she gets pregnant, just ask Jamie Lynn Spears.

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