Jordan is pissed off at Dwight Yorke and isn’t afraid to speak about it. It seems that Dwight ignores his son with Katie “Jordan” Price, Harvey. (I always forget that Peter Andre isn’t the boys father. I know that Harvey has dark skin, but Peter and Jordan are just so orange. And you always see Harvey and Peter together. At least Peter seems like a stand up guy, who won’t abandon Harvey if he and Katie break up.)

The model, real name Katie Price, has rarely commented on the former Manchester United star’s relationship with the tot before.

Dwight split with Jordan while she was expecting and has played little part in the upbringing of Harvey, who is partially blind and has a growth disorder.

Jordan told OK!: “Dwight hasn’t seen Harvey for a year.

“I know Dwight’s got another child now and he’s focused on that one. I’ve always said to Dwight he can take him for a visit if he learned about Harvey’s medications.

“Our nanny could have taken him to visit Dwight but nothing.

“I couldn’t give a f*** about his girlfriend, or him, but I think he should take care of his son.”

Harvey, who has lost an amazing two stone in recent weeks due to his new passion for swimming, needs round-the-clock care from nannies and family members, including Jordan’s hubby PETER ANDRE.

However Jordan claims that Dwight has “no understanding of his son”.

She explained: “He’s always come and gone. He wouldn’t see him very often. He should be ashamed.

“I think the last card he sent just said: ‘To Harvey, Dwight.’ Probably the last time he sent him a present it was more suited to Junior than Harvey – he has no understanding of his son.”

The reality star also claims Dwight, who currently plays for Sunderland, cannot find time to speak to his son on the telephone.

She said: “He occasionally texts my mum and asks how Harvey is.

“When I’m away I phone Harvey because you can talk to him, but Dwight never picks up the phone. He’s got no idea.

“I couldn’t give two s**ts. Harvey has me, Pete, my family and Pete’s family – he has lots of love.

“Pete’s his dad at the end of the day.”

Despite Jordan’s insistence that Peter will always be Harvey’s father, she’s unsure whether the youngster will become an official Andre, as there’s a danger the Price family name may become redundant.

Jordan added: “Apart from me and my sister he’s the last Price in the family because my brother has our biological dad’s surname.

“So if it wasn’t for Harvey there would be no one to carry on the name.

“I’ve been Andre since I married Pete. I still haven’t changed my passport because I haven’t had time to go up to the office to change it but I’m Andre, no question.”

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