JK Rowlings latest book, The Tales of Beedle Bard is a huge money maker. Since the book, a book of wizarding fairy tales that Professor Dumbledore left to Hermoine Granger in his will, was released on 4 December it has raised over £4.2 million ( almost $6.5million). The book sold 2,629,000 copies. It is set to be the fastest selling book of 2008.

The money will go to the Children’s High Level Group (CHLG), a charity co-founded by Rowling to help vulnerable children across Central and Eastern Europe.

“I am absolutely delighted that so much money has been raised,” Rowling said.

“I would like to thank everyone who has so far purchased a copy of the book.

“All royalties will be going to help children without families, many of them with disabilities, whose voices have been unheard for many years.”

The Tales of Beedle the Bard