The attorney representing Caylee’s grandparents Cindy and George Anthony said Sunday that the items removed from their home Saturday by Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies belonged to Caylee and Casey.

Brad Conway says some of the items taken during Saturday’s search warrant were Caylee and Casey’s clothes and shoes but nothing of George or Cindy’s was taken. “This time around they took items of clothing they took some shoes and a few other items I don’t want to address right now.”

Conway says George and Cindy were not upset about warrant being served day after announcement.

He also said the depositions scheduled for Monday in the Zenaida Gonzalez lawsuit have been cancelled. Conway asked Gonzalez’s attorney John Morgan to reschedule in light of Friday’s news and the request was accepted.

Conway says there are no specific plans for Caylee’s funeral service yet but the family says it will be private and kept secret as best as possible. Conway says they are still waiting for remains to be released.

Conway said George and Cindy will speak to the media after Caylee’s funeral service.

On Sunday evening the stuffed animals and other toys that have been left at a roadside memorial at the scene where Caylee’s remains were found were removed and donated to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission .

Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show Saturday night. Baez admits Casey has a history of lying but that doesn’t mean she killed her daughter.

“We have to rely on the science and the actual evidence and if the evidence is there she will be convicted if it’s not she should be acquitted it’s that simple you start looking at trying to convict people liars as killers we’re all in trouble.”

Casey’s murder trial is set for March but every legal expert we’ve spoken with says it could be 2010 before the case heads to court.

It is a shame that it is a shame that Caylee could have to wait over a year for justice. And why lie if she didn’t kill her daughter.

At least George and Cindy seem to be listening to their lawyer and pr team. Caylee doesn’t need toys and stuffed animals now. Donating them to children in need is a much better way to honour her memory. What good are they rotting on the side of the road.

And they have the right to bury Caylee in private, and keeping details secret is the only way that will happen. Remember the circus that took place daily before Casey went to jail. And some fool would show at the funeral and act stupid so that they could see themselves on the nightly news. Caylee deserves better than that. It’s not her fault that her mother is a murderer, and that her grandparents are stupid enough to believe the lies.

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