My son’s school has a long standing tradition of making gingerbread houses with the kids. Well, they actually use graham crackers instead of gingerbread, but it allows the kids more freedom to be creative. All you need is a plate, a small empty milk carton, graham crackers, icing (a recipe can be found here, but one of the special ed classes used cake icing instead), and some candy to decorate with. It is a simple, simple project.

The candy is what excites the kids the most. Imagine walking into a room with three cafeteria tables filled with candy. They fill up their trays with candy and off they go. But whatever candy is left on the tray stays in the cafeteria. What teacher wants to deal with little children hyped up on sugar. And the school has a no candy policy. And the unopened candy is donated to the local shelter.

The children are allowed to build whatever they want around their milk carton. A small milk carton is house shaped if you look at it. What you end up with is rarely pretty, and a lot of the time the results seem to defy gravity. But the kids love it.

If you are looking for a project to keep the kids busy this week I highly recommend this one.

The picture is the house my son created.

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