A woman is suing Michael Jackson. While this is nothing unusual, the reason why is. She is claiming to be the mother of Michael’s youngest son, Prince Michael II (the infamous dangling Blanket). Billie Jean Jackson (sounds like a crackpot to me) is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the 6 year old, weekend visitation, and $1 billion support. Didn’t anyone tell her that Michael is practically broke.

Miss Jackson has been arrested for trespassing on Michael Jackson’s property before. She claimed to be his wife then. That’s Billie Jean in the picture above. Little Blankie is lighter than bleached out Michael Jackson, so I’m guessing that one (or both) of the pair isn’t his real parent. You have to remember that Michael Jackson used to be a black man before the bleach and plastic surgery.

Michael Jackson has said that Blanket is the product of artificial insemination using his sperm and a surrogate. Surrogates don’t usually have parental rights. But why would anyone agree to be a surrogate for someone repeatedly accused of child molestation in the first place.

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