Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez has filed a new motion Monday.

He is afraid detectives are trying to get privileged information about the case from a private detective who used to work for his defense team, so he’s asking a judge to intervene.

He is asking the judge to appoint a “special master” to oversee any questioning of the private investigator by law enforcement.

The private eye is a familiar face to insiders. He’s Dominic Casey, who early on worked for Baez. Then in October, George and Cindy Anthony hired him to follow up on live sightings of Caylee Anthony.

Baez said law enforcement is now showing an interest in questioning Casey Anthony and he wants to make sure they don’t get any privileged information he may have learned while working for Baez.

Meanwhile, a new reward is being offered to meter reader Roy Kronk for finding the bag of skeletal remains that were determined to belong to missing Caylee Anthony.

According to Kronk’s lawyer, George and Cindy Anthony’s one-time representative Mark NeJame has contacted him regarding a $5,000 reward, which represents the amount of money NeJame made while serving as the Anthony family’s representative. For now, it’s unclear whether Kronk will accept the offer.

Initially, Crimeline said Roy Kronk was not eligible for a cash reward from them because he called 911 the day he found Caylee’s remains.

A source within Crimeline now said things could be different. They’re checking to try to confirm that Kronk called them during the same three days in August he called sheriff’s headquarters to report something suspicious along Suburban Drive.

More than two weeks after Kronk discovered Caylee’s remains along Suburban Drive, a memorial still draws people by the dozens.

Those who have followed the case closely have different opinions on whether Kronk deserves a reward.

“I think he should be rewarded, definitely,” Aida Ramos said.

“If they think they found something, they should call it in,” Jennifer Tice said. “That’s all there is to it.”

Tice said doing a good deed should not include an expectation of a cash reward.

“I don’t think somebody should be rewarded for that,” Tice said. “I mean, that’s a child who is missing. That’s common sense.”

In his only statement to reporters, Kronk confirmed that he reported his suspicions four months before discovering the remains.

“I had previously reported to Crimeline and the sheriff’s office that I had spotted something suspicious — a bag in that same area,” Kronk said.

Kronk’s lawyer told WESH 2 that money is not Kronk’s main motivation. But if he qualifies, at the very least, Kronk should receive a Crimeline reward.

When asked why Kronk deserved the reward, NeJame said, “I think Kronk is beyond deserving. Without him, who knows when Caylee would have been found.”

Anthonys Expected To Be Candid With Investigators Regarding Casey

The Anthonys face the wrenching task of burying Caylee early in the New Year, but then, sources tell said, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony will be asked to play a pivotal role in holding Casey Anthony accountable or else.

As one investigator put it, “They’re going to be asked to help convict her.”

If the Anthonys are not candid and truthful, sources said, it may come to obstruction of justice charges against one or more of them.

Medical examiner Jan Garavaglia said it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to determine a definitive cause of death, but sources said toxicology tests done on Caylee’s hair will “give us clues in that direction.”

The duct tape found on Caylee’s skull proves what some of WESH 2’s sources close to the investigation have suspected about her death all along — “It wasn’t an accident.”

Another aspect some insiders find haunting, is how close to the Anthony home Caylee’s remains had been dumped.

WESH 2’s sources said they simply gave Casey Anthony “far too much credit” that she would have done something more elaborate with her daughter’s body.

Sources confirmed they do not suspect Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found the bag of Caylee’s remains, of playing any sort of sinister role in the case.

Lee Anthon, Casey Anthony’s brother, has hired his own attorney.

Orlando attorney Tom Luka has been a vocal critic of alleged Taser gun misuse by local police.

He has filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of people who claim to have been harmed by the controversial stun weapons.

Just give the man a reward. If it wasn’t for him Caylee would still be laying out in the woods like the trash. If nothing else he is saving everybody the money they would have to spend searching for Caylee. Who cares if he called 911. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do if you suspect their is a body laying about.

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