When did Kevin Federline get so very fat? Remember when he was with Britney, he was thin and you know he worked on his body. He had to stay hot for mama. Now that he has her money he’s packed on the pounds.

That’s him with his new girlfriend Victoria Prince. And her friends are already running their mouths to the tabloids.

“She’s really smart and witty,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “She’s a strong and independent woman, and always wears the pants in her relationship. I hope Kevin can handle her! She’s pretty hardheaded. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means insulting someone.”

The insider adds: “He isn’t really her type. Most of the guys she’s dated were athletes who led a really healthy, low-key lifestyle. But she’s really into the whole hip-hop scene, so I think that’s why she was drawn to Kevin. Victoria is nothing like Britney Spears! She’s the opposite of glam — she’s a total tomboy. The only thing she has in common with Britney is that she loves to dance, too.”

Who cares if she loves to dance, Kevin clearly isn’t dancing anymore. He isn’t her type. She’s dated athletes. It sounds like she’s a golddigger which makes Kev her type. He’s bought a new blond with Britney’s money.

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