The attorney for Casey Anthony, who is charged in the death of her daughter Caylee, has set up a new tip line for anyone with information about where the toddler’s remains were found in east Orange County. Jose Baez is seeking details – photos or videos – from when the toddler was reported missing in mid-July to when her skeletal remains were found last month, according to a press release.

The information line is 407-442–2814.

On Dec. 11, an Orange County meter reader found a bag with her bones in woods off of Suburban Drive less than a mile from the home Caylee was living with her mother and grandparents. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder and remains in the Orange County Jail.

Who are they expecting to find? If Casey didn’t kill Caylee, and Zani didn’t kill Caylee, who did? How did they get her into their clutches (I’ve been reading a mystery novel.)? And if some stranger took her why didn’t her mother call police? I think Jose Baez is just trying to get his hand on clues that won’t be turned over to police. Because I think the only clues he will get will point to Casey, or will be from crackpots. If you have real clues I say call the police, they defense will get them during discovery.
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