The meter reader who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains on Dec. 11 was given a $5,000 reward on Thursday.

Roy Kronk received the money from Mark NeJame, George and Cindy Anthony’s former attorney.

After his own investigation, NeJame said he deduced that Kronk was not involved in any type of conspiracy or foul play, so he decided to give him the money he earned while working for the Anthonys.

Kronk’s attorney, David Evans, released this statement: “Roy Kronk is very appreciative to Mark NeJame for his generous gift of $5,000. Apparently, Mr. NeJame received $5,000 for his earlier involvement in the case (It’s the money he got selling the video and photos of Caylee to the media. You cannot convince me that the Anthony’s didn’t make some kind of money off of that deal.) and has decided that since Roy did find Caylee, the money should appropriately go to him. Roy is very thankful that Mark NeJame has recognized his singular efforts in finding Caylee and hopes that this sends a message to others that kindness does exist for people who do the right thing in life.”

Also on Thursday, a deputy who may have missed a chance to find Caylee Anthony’s remains was reassigned.

Deputy Richard Cain was reassigned to the agency’s material control and supply section. He also was forced to surrender his badge, gun and other equipment — and not to engage in law enforcement action on or off duty. (He will probably be quietly be reinstated once all the drama dies down.)

On Aug. 13, Kronk said Cain was rude and didn’t take his tip seriously about a suspicious bag near the Anthony home. His report stated the bag was “trash only.”

Four months later, Kronk returned to the area and found Caylee’s remains.

Meanwhile, WESH 2 News has confirmed that Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, will likely file for a change of venue in the coming days.

There is no word yet on when the motion may come.

Baez said as far back as December that his client will not be able to receive a fair trial in Orlando. (Where do they expect to find a jury anywhere in Florida that hasn’t heard of the case? And there is nowhere on Earth where a mother who more than likely killed her child to party can get a fair trial. He might as well stay put, because Casey is going to jail.)

Miller Offers Insight Into Time He Spent With Casey

The leader of Texas Equusearch said Thursday that Casey Anthony not only broke the group’s hearts, she also broke the bank.

Tim Miller is giving new insight into the days he spent with Anthony.

He said from the very beginning he was around her mother, she showed no signs of remorse at all.

“I got a long of anger and disappointment on this,” he said.

Miller estimates his group spent over $100,000 on searches for Caylee Anthony.

With the discovery of Caylee’s remains so close to home, Miller said it became obvious that Anthony was responsible.

Equusearch can’t help families all over America find missing loved ones because of the money strain created by Anthony’s case. (That’s kind of Miller’s fault, he didn’t have to keep going back to search. Everyone was saying that Casey killed her baby, and there were other missing people who were genuinely missing. It’s sad to say but Caylee wasn’t missing, she was just stashed away by her mother who could have ended this at any time.)

“Casey has plenty of time on her hands. She should call and say she’s sorry Equusearch can’t help come and help you right now,” Miller said.

Miller also talked about the strange dynamic of going into the Anthony’s house for the first time while Casey was out on bond and her daughter was still missing.

“She had smiles all over her face, ran around like she had just won a cheerleading competition. Very discouraging from the beginning,” Miller said.

Early on, Miller said it was obvious Casey had no remorse. Not from what she said. It was what she didn’t say.

“Being in that house over a four day period of time, Casey never even said the word Caylee one time. Certainly we had a lot of concern,” he said. (I guess he was drawn in by the media just like Padilla, because he kept going back despite what his gut was telling him.)
Miller did open an Orlando chapter of Texas Equusearch and for the time being he said it will remain open so they can help people in Florida. ( Texas Equusearch may have been drawn in to the Anthony’s web of craziness, but they are still a good organization that really could use a donation if you can afford it. Tim Miller has probably learned his lesson and the next time the child may have really been kidnapped.)

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