A Jacksonville company has released the “Inspirational Caylee Doll,” which it says was designed to honor Caylee Marie Anthony.The doll sings “You Are My Sunshine,” a song Caylee sang in one of the videos that have played repeatedly on the media since her disappearance last summer.

Caylee was found dead in December not far from the east Orange County home that she and her mother, Casey Anthony, often stayed. Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in connection with Caylee’s death.

Showbiz Promotions said in a news release that the doll was not made in the likeness of Caylee, but says she was the inspiration. The family, according to the company Web site, is not involved.”While we understand this is a very tender issue,” the company said in a news release. “We knew we had to do something to raise awareness of such a terrible and recurring crime, while honoring and respecting a beautiful life.”The 18-inch doll is being sold on CayleeDoll.com for $29.95. The doll is wearing jeans and a T-shirt with the logo “Caylee Sunshine.” The song sings when the doll’s belly button is pushed.

Showbiz Promotions is sleazy. Caylee’s family should put a stop to it, and if that doesn’t work whomever owns the copyright to “You Are My Sunshine” should. You know the company isn’t paying licensing fees to anyone involved. You knew sooner or later someone was going to try to make a buck off of the poor girl, but I thought that it would be someone actually involved with the case.

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