If you are thinking of donating money to the Suleman Octuplets, this is what she is spending your money on. Despite the fact that she is receiving food stamps and federal disability for her three of her children, and her babies are running up astronomical hospital bills , she is getting her nails done. I bet there are plenty mothers of one or two, or even three, who aren’t getting their nails done. They are spending the money on their families because the economy stinks.

And she is claiming that she hasn’t had sex in eight years. Just goes to prove that you don’t need to have sex to have a baby (or eight) these days. She met David Solomon in a nightclub, they went on one date, and she decided that she didn’t want him as a boyfriend. But he was good enough to father her children. And she was actually able to convince him of this.

She says of dating, “Boyfriends? I think I’d have to be extremely selfish. I cannot maintain a social life and be a mother.”

It seems that her mother is busy parenting the children, as Nadya has already perfected being extremely selfish. But I doubt that in the end anyone will be lining up to date the baby crazy mother of 14.

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