An ABC producer paid for George Anthony and Cindy Anthony to stay at one of Central Florida’s most expensive hotels for three days in December after their missing granddaughter’s remains were found, according to newly released testimony.

The couple stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes from Dec. 11 to 14 after Caylee’s remains were found near their home. The company that footed the bill is owned by Disney.

The new details were part of an interview of Anthony family private investigator Dominic Casey taken Jan. 7 by Orange County sheriff’s Sgt. John Allen and FBI Agent Nick Savage.

The producer, a woman named Kaitlyn Folmer, made arrangements with then-Anthony spokeswoman Michelle Bart to put up the couple and two of their investigators at the hotel. Rooms at the hotel can cost $249 to $739 per night, depending on the level of luxury.

The judge overseeing the case against Casey Anthony released Dominic Casey’s 80-page transcript. He once worked for attorney Jose Baez.

Judge Stan Strickland reviewed the transcript and found it contained no privileged information.

Included in the transcript were details of the Anthony family’s activities in the hours and days after the discovery of Caylee’s remains.

Jeffrey Schneider, an ABC senior vice president for communications, said the network does not discuss its booking activities.

The Ritz-Carlton stay came at a time when reporters from across the country were trying to find and talk with the Anthonys. Various experts have told the newspaper that networks and other media organizations frequently put up interview subjects in hotels to secure access while keeping them away from competitors.

According to the transcript, the Anthonys dined at a restaurant inside the hotel the night of the discovery. Meanwhile, dozens of Orange County sheriff’s investigators, FBI agents and crime-scene technicians sifted through dirt, leaves and underbrush for Caylee’s skeletal remains.

George and Cindy dined with Lee Anthony, his girlfriend Mallory Parker, private investigators Dominic Casey and James Hoover and the ABC producer.

At one point, Casey Anthony’s attorney Baez joined the group, according to the private investigator’s statement. It’s unclear who paid for the meal.

Lee Anthony ordered a steak for Baez, who joined them for about a half-hour, the document said. He had just visited Casey Anthony in jail and wanted to speak with the family, Dominic Casey said. The dinner was somber, he said.

Folmer allegedly told the Anthonys and the private investigators that she was not there to get a story. During an interview Dominic Casey told Sgt. John Allen and FBI agent Nick Savage that he didn’t believe the woman.

“She never talked about money. She never talked about pictures, videos. She did make the point to say …, ‘You know there’s no ulterior motive here. We’re, we’re just doing this,'” Dominic Casey said. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, right. I can believe that one.’ “

Later that night while Orange County detectives were executing a search warrant at the home on Hopespring Drive, Cindy Anthony sat outside the entrance to the hotel with Dominic Casey, records show. Private investigator Hoover was sent to the house to lock it up after the first search warrant was executed.

The following day, while investigators continued to scour the woods for remains, Dominic Casey joined George and Cindy Anthony as they walked around the golf course at the hotel, reports show.

Dominic Casey said the Anthonys were distraught.

They were distraught (I would be if I were in their shoes.), but they still found time to arrange interviews so that someone would pay for them to go into hiding. And no matter what reporters say they are always trying to get the story. I’m inclined to believe that this was just a case of a reporter trying to take advantage of desperate people in their time of need.

And no matter what they say the heart sticker from the house matches that they found at the scene. And it doesn’t look super common like a plain red heart sticker.

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