The possible baby daddy of the octuplets has come forward. And he will be making his appearance on Good Morning America today. We all know why he is coming forward…there may be a buck to be made. The man who claims to have dated Nadya Suleman from 1997-1999 wants a paternity test. And if she is going to collect welfare payments the State of California will try and make her establish paternity for the child, it’s the policy in the state. So she may have no way out of the test.

Suleman’s representative, Victor Munoz, tells PEOPLE, that the man interviewed by ABC is not the sperm donor who fathered the babies. “The real sperm donor knows who he is. This guy is definitely not the one,” says Munoz. “It’s kind of comical. Nadya’s not sure why he’s doing this.”

She should have thought of this before she had six embryos implanted.

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