Nadya Suleman is slowly raking in the money, well enough of it to buy a house that costs over a $500K. I guess Radar and Dr. Phil are paying extremely well these days. But I wonder what the family will do when it all drys up. The family’s other home is in foreclosure, so how will they pay for a bigger house without press money.

We’ve learned her dad is the purchaser of the 2,583 square-foot house for Octo. It’s located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It’s listed for $564,900. The buyer paid near asking price.

It’s listed by Mike Patel of Prudential Realty in Anaheim Hills in the O.C. We’re told the deal was just inked and it will close on Friday. Sources also say the “substantial down payment” came from money that OctoMom has been scoring over the last few weeks. As one source put it, “the money has been coming from all over the place — $15,000 here, $25,000 there.” We’re told the seller is financing the deal.

You would think she would pay some of the million dollar hospital tab with that money. That’s probably the reason why the house is in her dad’s name. The state would come after her for the hospital bill, and she wouldn’t qualify for those food stamps.

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