A senior sheriff’s official says Haleigh’s new stepmother, Misty, 17, (And she isn’t Ronald’s first underage girlfriend.) has not been cleared as a suspect in the girl’s disappearance.

According to Palatka Daily News, Maj. Gary Bowling also said Misty’s interview on NBC’s Today Show in which she failed to clear up her inconsistent statements to police is what detectives have encountered for weeks.

“Our interviews with her have been pretty much like what you saw on the Today Show. We’ve confronted her with her inconsistencies and America got a sample of our interviews with her,” said Bowling.

During the Today Show interview, both Misty and Ronald, 25, claim she was no longer a suspect. Bowling disputes this assertion and said, “We have not ruled her out as a suspect.”

The newlyweds also stated they both passed polygraph tests, but Bowling said authorities have not yet released the results of their tests.

Thursday, Palatka Daily News attempted to speak with Misty to let her address the issues law enforcement has raised about her statements.

Misty only responded with, “I would really appreciate it if you people would stop calling me.” (Is she upset because people are seriously starting to question her story.)

The search continues for Haleigh who has blond hair and brown eyes and is 3 feet tall. Please call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0800 if you have any information regarding Haleigh Cummings. A reward for information leading to her safe return has been increased to $35,000.

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