Gwyneth Paltrow is battling feelings of guilt as she prepares to film “Iron Man 2” — because she has to drag her children out of their native London for the shoot.

The actress, who plays Pepper Potts in the hit franchise, will leave the British capital, where she lives with her husband Chris Martin and two kids, on Monday to begin filming the sequel to the blockbuster movie in the U.S.

But she admits she hates having to remove her children — 4-year-old daughter Apple and 1-year-old son Moses — from their normal surroundings.
She says, “I’m feeling ‘mother guilt’ because my daughter is looking forward to going but my son says, ‘I don’t wanna leave my London house!’ So I always feel pretty guilty about that. I try to say, ‘We’re gonna swim and it’s going to be sunny!’ I try to point out the positives.”

And the star insists the youngsters are often confused when she returns to work: “I barely ever do films; I’m with them almost all the time. But in a way it makes the transition harder. I feel like if I worked all the time, then they would be used to it. But when I’m always there and always doing the school runs and I’m always around and then I just disappear for 14 hours a day to film, it’s hard.”

Somebody should tell Gwyneth that many people would be happy to have any home to take their children too, even if it didn’t have a pool to swim in. And many people would sell a kidney to have a job to go to for any amount of time. Didn’t her publicist tell the ungrateful cow that there is a global recession going on and that nobody wants to hear about the problems of the rich. Because if they didn’t she needs to fire them. It is time to for Gwyneth to shut up and “suffer” in silence.

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