Did Casey Anthony do anything besides party and behave like a tramp? Radar Online has uncovered photos of the accused murderer passionately kissing another woman at a 2006 Halloween party.

“This wasn’t just a quick kiss,” said an eyewitness. “Casey and the other girl were really making out like a guy and a girl would make out. Everybody at the party was standing there stunned, just watching them.”

At one point, another of Casey’s girlfriends joined in and “all three of them were making out,” the eyewitness said. “Casey then got on the floor on her back and the girl in the umpire outfit stood over her dancing.”

The eyewitness is probably a former friend who is selling her out for a quick buck. And notice how all the women are behaving like strippers while the men are behaving like frat boys at a strip club. I bet there must be a bunch of proud mothers out there.

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