Octo Mom Nadya Suleman is thinking about applying for food stamps — again — to feed her 14 children.

“If I need to apply for [the Women, Infants and Children program] to provide my babies with formula, then I’m going to,” she told the local Whittier Daily News Wednesday.

Suleman — who is unemployed — used to receive over $400 a month in food stamps, but stopped getting them after she made enough money selling photos and doing video blogs that she could afford a $564,000 home.

Suleman told the newspaper that formula alone for her octuplets costs $2,000 a month.

“That’s a lot of money for formula,” she admitted.

“I have to let go of what people think,” continued the mom, who once received death threats after soliciting donations on a Web site. “I can’t live like that.”

(Suleman isn’t the only family member hard up for cash. Her parents are also seeking money-making opportunities, the newest issue of Us Weekly reports.)

Suleman fired charity Angels in Waiting last month, which had provided free care. She’s now using nurses from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, and accepting state aid to pay for it.

My goal is to get my kids off of (Medi-Cal),” she said.

Jonah — who has a cleft lip — is the last baby still hospitalized. Another of her children is diagnosed as autistic, while a third has ADHD.

Why is the crazy baby factory dropping a fortune on makeup, clothes, and getting her hair done if she can’t afford to buy formula. She spent over a $1000 buying makeup at MAC, and then went on a spending spree at Bebe. But she has needs the government to buy her formula. Why not use some of that money that she is going to get doing a reality show to buy her babies’ milk.

And she just moved into a half a million dollar home! That is in her broke father’s name! That cow is hiding assets. It is obvious to the whole world that this woman is committing welfare fraud, so why isn’t the state going after her?

It disgusts me. WIC isn’t exactly food stamps, but it isn’t for people who have teams of nannies. They provide you with vouchers to buy formula, milk, and nutritious food for your kids (I know this because I have been stuck in line a million times while someone uses the vouchers.) I believe in giving a helping hand to those who have fallen on hard times, but this cow threw herself at hard times. And if she goes back to work, I bet the state will be picking up the tab for daycare too, the state of California really likes welfare moms to work. You and I will be paying for these kids for a long while.

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