Tax payers in Orange County, Florida may be asked to pay $2500 in addition to the $12000 they have already paid in legal fees for meter reader, Roy Kronk. Kronk discovered Caylee Anthony’s body near the family’s home.

“When you get ensnared in a legal problem while on you the job I think we have a moral obligation to pay his [bills],” said Orange County Commissioner Bill Segal.

That is true. There is no way that Kronk could afford to pay his $225 an hour legal fees on the $11 an hour that he earns. But the county has legal counsel that could help Kronk and not charge him anything. Their called states attorneys.

Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says it’s highly unusual for the county to pay an attorney’s legal fees especially since Kronk is only a witness.”When you’re subpoenaed for a deposition, the State Attorney is present and would interpose any objections if appropriate, so it would be superfluous to have an attorney there,” said Sheaffer.

Especially when the witness got a $5000 reward and gets paid a licensing fee when he appears on television. Roy Kronk is profiting from his discovery and asking the county to foot the bill. It should either one or the other.