And you thought the John Edwards sex scandal couldn’t get seamier.

The ex-senator’s former lover – furious at being portrayed as a stalker in his wife’s media tour – reportedly is taking revenge and will allow a paternity test for her baby after all. (Elizabeth Edwards is making it seem like John was a innocent little lamb and Rielle was the big bad wolf. Elizabeth has forgotten that John could have said no, or that he lied to her when the facts about the affair started coming out. He actually told her that it only happened once. But that is the lie that all cheaters use when they first get caught. And then there is the fact that John isn’t secretly paying her bills anymore.)

Rielle Hunter previously refused to allow DNA testing on baby Frances, born in February 2008. Edwards, even after the admitted affair, insisted he wasn’t the father.

Her friends said then she hoped they still had a future together and hoped to protect the philandering pol from further ruin.

But on the eve of Elizabeth Edwards’ appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” today to plug her new book, the National Enquirer reports that Hunter has changed her mind.

“Now she can see there’s never going to be a future with John, and she feels he’s lied about his promise to keep Elizabeth from trashing her in the book,” an “insider” told the mag. One, cheaters are always liars. So why would she trust him when he said he would protect her in Elizabeth’s book. Publishers only wanted the book because they wanted the torrid details on the affair. And two, Rielle probably thought that terminal cancer meant that Elizabeth Edwards would be dying soon and she could inherit John. Elizabeth Edwards looks mighty healthy for someone with cancer. I bet Rielle is just tired of waiting for her to kick the bucket. And she may have more to gain if she writes her own book.)

The Enquirer has had excellent access to Hunter, including tips about where to catch John Edwards sneaking around a hotel in the middle of the night. The exposés drove John Edwards from the 2008 presidential race.

Last year, John Edwards denied he was the father and offered to take a DNA test if Hunter would let him. (Everyone knows that John Edwards only agreed to take the paternity test because he knew that Rielle wouldn’t make him. Expect him to acknowledge paternity within the next few months. If he is the father there will be a quiet statement on a day when something else big is happening. That way it may slide under the radar. If he isn’t the father he will shout it from the rooftops. Expect behavior that would be at home on the Maury show.)

A John Edwards spokeswoman did not return messages Wednesday