Tragedy In Forestville: Did An Unwanted Pregnancy Lead To Murder?
Bernard Bellamy is accused with murdering his pregnant high school sweetheart, Valicia Demery. Her body was found on the track of the high school that the pair had attended before graduating. Miss Demery’s family says that he had been pressuring her to end the pregnancy via text messages.
He was arrested in his dorm room at a Washington DC area military academy.

If he didn’t want a baby he should have worn a condom.

Gilbert Man Charged In Death of Girlfriend’s 13 Month Old Baby
It’s the same old story yet again. David Reed is being charged with murdering his girlfriend’s baby, Cheree Goard. Reed claimed that the baby fell from a couch while he was out of the room (They are always out of the room.)The autopsy proved that the baby died of blunt force trauma inconsistant with a fall from a couch. Toddlers don’t usually die from such tiny falls.

Girls be careful who you allow around your children.