Larry King was astonished by the number of messages from the public. He showed the stack before questioning George and Cindy Anthony tonight on CNN.

The parents of Casey Anthony said they’re still surprised that granddaughter Caylee’s body was found. And they can’t believe daughter Casey is responsible for the child’s murder.

King questioned George and Cindy forcefully, although he kept stumbling over all those names that start with C. There wasn’t a lot new in the interview, which took up the hour. They talked about their foundation at the hour’s end, which no doubt infuriated many viewers. How did you think the interview went?

King asked why is the public taking its anger out on George and Cindy.

“They don’t understand,” Cindy said. “They don’t understand unconditional love.”

The parents defended Casey as a loving mother, and Cindy dismissed the idea that Casey had acted weirdly while the toddler was missing.

They acted more subdued than usual. Cindy talked about her faith, and she lost the chewing gum that has been a hallmark of many TV appearances.

George and Cindy haven’t talked to jailed Casey since Oct. 14. Every time they go to jail the visit is videotaped and all over Nancy Grace and 6 o’clock news, Cindy said. They want to see Casey every day, Cindy said, but they’re afraid their daughter will be picked apart on the evening news.

Cindy said she and George fear seeing Casey would hurt their daughter.

“Look at the negative stuff about us. George and I haven’t done anything,” Cindy said.

“They have good things to say to their daughter,” said Brad Conway, the Anthonys’ attorney.

There were questions that didn’t receive answers.

How does Cindy explain Caylee’s body being found so close to home? She couldn’t.

Why didn’t Casey call police sooner about the missing girl? Cindy didn’t have an explanation.

Is there any other suspect? Conway said the parents couldn’t comment.

Why was Casey out partying? Cindy said that was one night and that Casey had been searching for clues.

Cindy also said she had no regrets about what she — Cindy — had done.

The parents correspond with Casey. Conway said they don’t discuss the case in their letters.

George said he wished he had an opportunity to talk to Casey. But Conway said all the visitations are monitored.

George doesn’t want to believe he has a child who could do this.Could George be blinded by Casey’s being his daughter? He said he could make up his own mind.

Cindy said they talked to Casey when she was at home. Cindy did ask Casey if she did it; the young mother said no.

George discussed his suicide note. Cindy said her faith kept her from trying suicide.

A motive for the murder? “There is not motive,” Conway said.

George and Cindy said they didn’t approve of the death penalty. Cindy said they wouldn’t cut ties to Casey if their daughter is found guilty.

George says they’re lucky to get three to four hours of sleep a night.

Might they go see Casey? “I don’t want anything to hurt Casey,” Cindy said.