The Taga bike/stroller is now available. The bicycle easily converts to a stroller so that you can bike to where you need to go and then push it around indoors. Taga is claiming that the conversion can take place in 20 seconds.

The seat is available in red, green, orange, and blue. There are a variety of extras available like a shopping basket, car seat adapter, a protector to protect the bottom half of the child’s body, a wooden double seat, and a second seat to convert the stroller into a double stroller in the works.

Of course the Taga doesn’t seem to come cheap. The basic unit will cost you 1695 British Pounds. Taga has a list of stores in Europe where it is available. Sorry, it is not in the US yet, but give a couple of the European stores a call and see if they will ship if you have to have it. Warning the shipping will cost almost as much as the stroller probably.