Family and friends of missing teen Brittanee Drexel expanded their search in Charleston S.C. Tuesday canvassing the Market Street area with fliers.. The 17-year-old went missing from the Myrtle Beach area about 3 weeks ago.

Brittanee’s mom Dawn Drexel went back to the family’s New York home over the weekend for another child’s birthday, but returned to Myrtle Beach and is extending the search further South. Her parents Carol and Alan Wagner are on a mission to find their granddaughter.

“She had a prom dress and was really looking forward to that,“ says Alan Wagner who is convinced Brittanee must have been abducted. He says he will search for years if he has to until something comes up.

Brittanee was last spotted leaving a Myrtle Beach hotel on April 25 and her cell phone was traced to Georgetown. Days of searching Georgetown produced little results.

Anyone with information on Brittanee Drexel’s whereabouts should contact their local police department. There is also a $1,000 reward with Crime Stoppers, the phone number is 843 554-1111.