Just finished watching the season premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8, otherwise known as watch the Gosselin marriage disintegrate on national television. Somebody should tell the Gosselins that you can’t have a marriage be all about the kids. It so clear that the pair no longer loves one another. And who cares if you ruin your makeup Kate. If you want to do what is best for the kids, give up the show and fight for your marriage.

It seems that Jon’s alleged cheating is the least of their problems. The pair wants completely different things out of life. Kate just needs to accept that Jon no longer wants to pimped out in her perfect family show.

They talk like they have already given up. I expect divorce papers as soon as this season ends. The divorce papers are probably already in the works. It’s sad that Kate’s grab for fame ruined her marriage.

What did you think of tonight’s episode.