The Housewives of New Jersey are more “housewifey” than the other housewives. No matter how crazy they are their main focus is on their families.

Of course Danielle has a plastic surgeon. She wants to be 21 so badly. And when is she going to realize that Dina doesn’t want to be her friend. Why she can’t realize that it isn’t all about her and her problems is beyond me. Her friends have lives that don’t revolve around her. And pussy won’t get you a man and it sure won’t keep him.

Jacqueline needs to end her friendship with this fruitcake. Danielle only sees her as a stepping stone to her next sugar daddy. I wouldn’t put husband stealing past her. And I want to to read Cop Without A Badge to see what it says about her. Too bad it is out of print.

Caroline actually seems like she is a good mother. Her children may not all be going to college, but she wants them to do something with her life. Most of the kids on these shows seem downwardly mobile, but not Caroline’s. Caroline is all about no matter how much we have, you need to get up off of your butt and work.

Danielle was arrested for not paying her divorce lawyers’ six figure fees.