Update 24 June: Dirk Nowitzki has petitioned for a paternity test and wants sole custody if the child is proven to be his. Also, the FBI is looking into threatening calls that Taylor has made from the jail to Nowitzki’s lawyers demanding money. Taylor is also the mother of three other children whom she does not care for.

Medical records show that the woman arrested at the home of Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki earlier this month is pregnant, according to a newspaper report.

The Dallas Morning News reported on its Web site Tuesday night that Crista Taylor — according to records from the Dallas County jail and Parkland Hospital released by Taylor to the newspaper — was administered a pregnancy test after she was booked on May 6 and that the test was positive.

Taylor has said in multiple interviews with the Morning News that she was Nowitzki’s fiancee and that she was carrying his child, but the tests do not determine paternity.

In a statement last week, Nowitzki’s Dallas-based attorney, Robert Hart, expressed strong doubt that Taylor was pregnant but pledged that Nowitzki would “do whatever can be done to ensure the health of the child” in the “remote instance there is any validity” to Taylor’s claims.

In a statement Tuesday night, Hart said: “This is all new information to us. We have previously submitted written requests through her Beaumont attorney for an independent pregnancy test as well as authorization for release of medical records. We have yet to receive any response.

“We would like to reiterate that, if her statements as to her pregnancy are true, Dirk will do whatever can be done to ensure the well-being of the child.” (Which means he no longer wants the mother. If I were Nowitzki I would seek custody of the child. Any court with have a brain would grant custody based on the fact that the mother has an extensive criminal history and a history of trying to trap pro-athletes. This baby is her version of the lottery.)

Taylor gave the newspaper access to her medical file by signing a release form during a jailhouse interview with the Morning News. The paper reported that jail and hospital officials, as per Taylor’s written request, only released the portion of her record pertaining to the pregnancy.

In multiple interviews with the Morning News, Taylor, 37, has said she didn’t know she was pregnant until being tested twice at the Dallas jail (One of her own friends has come forward disputing that story, claiming that Taylor was telling anybody who would listen that she was pregnant before her arrest.) and that she and Nowitzki had a wedding date scheduled for July.

Nowitzki made his customary postseason return to his native Germany last Thursday, some two weeks removed from Taylor’s arrest in the midst of the Mavericks’ second-round series with Denver. While the Mavericks were flying back to Dallas on the morning of May 6 after a Game 2 defeat, Taylor was taken into custody at Nowitzki’s home after the discovery of arrest warrants in two states.

The Dallas Morning News reported in Wednesday’s editions that Taylor has hired a new attorney in Beaumont (Probably paid for by Nowitzki. What man wants their child born in prison, if it is his. And his requesting independent testing implies that it may be.) after initially working with a court-appointed lawyer. The new attorney, Scott Renick, told the newspaper that he could not comment on Taylor’s medical record disclosure without seeing it firsthand but is representing her in “alleged criminal matters” and “whatever potentially family matters may come to light.”

Taylor has also told the newspaper that she expects to be extradited to St. Louis as early as this week and has two new attorneys there as well: Scott Rosenblum and Matthew Fry. When reached by the Morning News, Fry declined comment.

After being transferred to a jail in Beaumont, Texas, on May 13, Taylor told the newspaper that the sudden end to the couple’s engagement stemmed from Nowitzki’s longtime personal coach, Holger Geschwindner, urging a private investigation into Taylor’s past as part of a prenuptial agreement. The investigation revealed that Taylor is accused of violating a probation sentence for two counts of forgery and one count of felony stealing in Missouri and a theft-of-service charge for failing to pay a Beaumont dentist for dental work in excess of $10,000. (You have to wonder if it was Geschwindner who tipped off police. It is a quick way of getting rid on an inconvenient woman.)

If convicted of the Beaumont charge, Taylor could be sentenced to prison for up to two years.

She was booked in Dallas as Crystal Taylor but told a judge in her first court appearance in Beaumont that her birth certificate carries the name Crista Ann Taylor. Authorities in Missouri and Texas have linked more than 10 aliases to Taylor, while court documents in Beaumont still list her as Crystal Ann Taylor.

Since her arrest, the Morning News has published stories about Taylor’s ex-husband, James Westerhaus, seeking a 2001 divorce after Taylor allegedly accrued more than $300,000 in debt and former NFL quarterback Tony Banks saying Taylor was “planted” into his life in 1997.

Nowitzki has mostly rebuffed questions about Taylor beyond acknowledging to reporters that he’s “going through a tough time in my personal life.” Amid the turmoil, Nowitzki averaged 34.4 points and 11.6 rebounds during the Mavericks’ series with Denver and was named to the All-NBA first team.

In his last public comments on the subject on May 14, Nowitzki said: “It’s been a tough two weeks, or however long it’s been. That’s really all I can say about it.”