Billions In New Cuts Loom For California- Including Eliminating Welfare and Closing Most State Parks
Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping to turn California into a third world country. If the millionaire governor gets his way scores of children will be homeless, hungry, and sick. Expect a rise in crime, and a rise in the cost of treating children who are ill because of lack of medical care and hunger. But they won’t be getting medical care because he is planning on cutting Medi-Cal and Healthy Families programs too. Maybe it is time California recall another governor.

Bardstown Man Kills Toddler Son, Self
Timothy Frazier of Kentucky shot his 21-month-old son, Cole, then himself. It was all the tragic end result of a custody dispute.

St. Louis County Woman Held In Murder Of Her Own Child
Sharnique Jones is charged with suffocating her 3-month-old baby in 2008. Healthcare providers and social workers “had repeatedly warned Jones about the inadequate care she had been giving the infant,” St. Louis County police said today. But nobody thought to remove the baby from her care. And here is the kick in the pants, they only arrested her after she tried to suffocate a second child. Very bad parents seem always seem to be extremely fertile, Sharnique gave birth to another baby on 26 January.