Kate Gosselin took the children on yet another vacation. I’m quite sure it was some freebie arranged by producers in exchange for a little publicity. The family is at Bald Head Island in North Carolina. Well, the family excluding Jon. Because as we all know he is busy starting a new life. He only appears on camera long enough to garner a paycheck so that he doesn’t have to get a real job.

But don’t worry Kate’s bodyguards were there, including Steve Neild (whom I have affectionately started calling the kids’ new daddy), to lend a hand. That’s what I call realism. Don’t most American families take four or five vacations a year, assisted by a retinue of assistants, nannies, and bodyguards.

And if Jon wants the show to stop why doesn’t he just pull the plug. He is the father to those kids and could ask a court to prevent them from appearing on camera. I think that it isn’t that Jon just wants out of the show, I think he is tired of being a grown-up responsible for eight kids. Jon is just going through an early mid-life crisis and wants to hang out in bars with 20-year-old girls. His family was on a beach vacation and he was in Jersey spending $2000 on clothes at Barney COOP, with a twenty-something woman and her chaperon, an older woman.

And when is Kate going to start dressing those kids in different outfits. It’s cute on occasion, but it is time for them to develop a sense of self. More pictures below.