Billy Bob’s Daughter Charged In Death of Baby
Billy Bob Thornton’s estranged daughter, Amanda Brumfield is being charged with child neglect. She was babysitting a baby who died in her care.

Baby Involved In Love Triangle Murder Plot
Nicole Walker was sleeping with a father and his son. And she didn’t use birth control, got pregnant and doesn’t have a clue who the daddy is. Now the son, Ryan Carson is accused of murdering his father, Brian, along with the help of Nicole and six others. Included in the six are Brian’s daughter and wife.

Didn’t Ryan stop to think that if Nicole was sleeping with him and his dad, that maybe the baby wasn’t either of theirs. You know that she was probably sleeping with other people because that is some slutty crap. Only a paternity test will show if he murdered his father in vain.

Father, 2 Children Killed in Oregon Murder-Suicide
James Gumm shot his two children and then killed himself. Both 7-year-old Tyler Gumm and 6-year-old Kylie Gumm died. He is believed to been motivated by a divorce that became final last year. The divorce was started in 1992, long before the couple conceived either of the children, but took almost two decades to be completed.

This is the second parent in the area to murder their children in a week. Earlier

Amanda Stott-Smith, 31 tossed her two children off of Portland’s Sellwood bridge into the Willamette River 75 feet below a week earlier. Four-year-old Eldon died but his 7-year-old sister managed to survive the fall.