Chris Coleman, the father accused of killing his wife and two sons, has had a few visitors since being locked up at the Monroe County Jail.

Almost all of them, with one exception, are related to him.

Coleman’s mother and father, Ronald and Connie Coleman. visited May 24. His brother and sister-in-law visited Sunday, according to records provided by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Ronald Coleman is a minister at Grace Church in Chester, Ill. He delivered a radio message for the church last weekend titled “The Abundant Life,” but didn’t mention his son’s arrest. It’s unclear when the message was recorded. Derek Doiron, an associate pastor at Grace Church, also visited Coleman.

Most of the visits lasted about 35 minutes, according to the records.

Chris Coleman, 32, formerly worked as security manager for televangelist Joyce Meyer. He resigned over an unspecified “morals violation” shortly after the murders. Meyer has not visited Chris Coleman in jail, according to the records.

Chris Coleman was arrested last month. Police allege he strangled his wife Sheri Coleman, 31, and sons Garett, 11, and Gavin, 9, on May 5. Coleman has pleaded not guilty.

Search warrants released last week detailed his affair with a Florida woman _ and his plans to marry her after divorcing his wife.

At least the slut friend hasn’t been to visit him. What kind of woman would want to marry a guy who cheated on her “close friend.” I guess the kind that would cheat with him. I found Sheri Coleman’s MySpace, it’s private now. She last logged in on 4 May, the day before her husband murdered her. She listed her mood as productive.