I have a cold so I’m just posting the notes I took during the Real Housewives of New Jersey. They are in the order they were written.

  • Danielle has the nerve to put down a guy who earns 25K, but has phone sex with some pervert she me on the internet.
  • Why does Jacqueline just sit there and take it when Danielle talks down to her? Is she a fool?
  • Working the pole is not a background in dance.
  • I am surprised that Caroline didn’t snatch Danielle by the hair for rubbing up on Albie
  • Albie has that golden boy, JFK vibe to him
  • Joe was in the wrong about the “gaylord” comment
  • Everything is not “working” if you have had 4 miscarriages in a row. Why do doctors say that? Do they not realize how horrible miscarriages are?
  • If anyone stands up to Danielle she thinks Dina is behind it. Doesn’t she realize that she obnoxious, and that is why people hate her.
  • Exchanging sex for money is prostitution.
  • What modeling job? The modeling agency doesn’t have any record of her
  • Teresa and Joe, of course you need to pay for your furniture. And why do they pay for everything in cash? Hiding something from the IRS maybe?
  • Danielle’s version of the story seems like a lie. Her boyfriend lived in such a big house that she she didn’t know that he had a kidnapped man in it. Wasn’t he acting shady?
  • Why doesn’t she just admit she was a coke whore?
  • Danielle thinks that Dina is beneath her, but wasn’t she the one who was doing everything she could to be Dina’s friend.