The body of a child found in a block of cement near a river in Michigan lead authorities to believe that it is the remains of missing 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan, the little girl who went missing from in front of her apartment home nearly two weeks ago. Fox News reported Friday that officials say that an autopsy is being performed on a recovered body that matches the general description of the missing child.

Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield told reporters Friday: “The body appears to be of the same age, size and sex of Nevaeh Buchanan. We have reasonable suspicion that this is the body of Nevaeh.”

The remains were found by a father and son who were fishing, nearly seven miles from where Nevaeh Buchanan lived with her mother, Jennifer. Crutchfield said that the remains looked to have been at the location “for some time” but gave no specific information as to how long the body may have been there or what condition the remains were in when found. He did say that it was a “sick or disturbed person” for whom the police were searching.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the body was found in a shallow grave on the edge of the River Raisin. The body was encased in what seemed to be fast-drying cement.

Guy Bickley, 51, and Ryan Bickley, 15, were fishing along the river when the father noticed a cement block that was producing an odor that smelled of decomposition. The father approached, chipped a piece of cement away, and saw what looked like human skin. He immediately notified police.

Although there have been several people arrested during the investigation of missing Nevaeh Buchanan, there have been no arrests in connection to the missing case. George Kennedy, a friend of Jennifer Buchanan’s and a convicted sex offender, was arrested on suspicion of violating his parole restrictions (proximity to children). Another sex offender, Roy Lee Smith, was arrested and is being investigated as well. Smith also is a friend of Nevaeh’s mother.