18-Year-Old Arrested In Miami Area Cat Deaths
This is the face of a future serial killer, animal mutilation is one of the first signs. Tyler Weinman is being held in jail on…get your barf bag ready:19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and four counts of burglary. He is being investigated for in the mutilation deaths of over two dozen cats over a period of a month.

In the end he may get what amounts to a slap on the wrist for the cat murders, and serious jail time for the burglary.
Murdered Woman’s Unborn Baby Died
A 21-year-old British woman who was 7 months pregnant died after a complete stranger came up from behind and stabbed her in the back. Claire Wilson was on her way to work at Pizza Hut when she was attacked.

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Police: Beaverton Woman Murdered Pregnant Tigard Mom And Cut The Baby Out
Police believe that Heather Snively met pregnant mom, Korena Elaine Roberts on Craigslist where they were buying and selling baby clothes. Snively later beat Korena in the head and cut her unborn son out of the womb. The baby later died.

Is Craigslist safe? First, that guy kills women he met on the sight, and now a mother and child may be dead because of someone they contacted on the site. You don’t really know who is on the other side of the ad, but you usually have to meet them to pick up your items.

Baby Abandoned At Cambridge Court Apartments Reveals Deeper Problems, Questions

A mother in Texas abandoned her baby in an apartment building hallway. Baby Bella’s life was endangered needlessly. Texas has Safe Haven laws to protect newborns. Luckily the baby is doing well in the hospital, and will probably be placed with a family quickly.