Maybe part of Jon Gosselin’s problem is that he married too young. In that annoying commercial that TLC runs every ten minutes, he says that he was married at 22, father to twins at 23, and to sextuplets at 27. And he went straight from Mommy to Kate. The poor man probably has had women telling him what to do his whole life. He didn’t develop a sense of who he was before he married. Or maybe Kate just crushed his developing spirit. And now he is rebelling like a naughty boy.

And speaking of that annoying commercial. Kate is there running on about how she is ,”Just a mom taking care of her kids.” What a load of crap! Most moms don’t have nannies, chefs, and bodyguards. And even old Kate didn’t go pump gas in full make-up and 5 inch heels. That show is so fake that they should call it a soap opera.And here is the rest of it.