State labor officials have cited the entertainment website that has been chronicling the life of octuplets mother Nadya Suleman and her children, officials told The Times.

Radar Online is cited for failure to obtain an entertainment permit, failure to have an entertainment permit on file, failure to have a studio teacher on site and allowing the babies to be available for filming beyond the hours allowed.

The accusations involve one day of filming — March 17 — when the first two of Suleman’s eight babies were brought from the hospital home to a media frenzy.

Officials said the investigation was ongoing. The four citations involve six violations and carry a $3,000 fine, said Dean Fryer, spokesman for the California Labor Commission.

Officials at Radar Online could not be immediately be reached for comment.

[Updated at 1 p.m.: The single mother catapulted onto the public stage after giving birth on Jan. 26 to the world’s longest-surviving set of octuplets. She immediately became a focal point for populist rage after it was learned that she was jobless, unmarried, on welfare and already had six children. All 14 of her children were conceived through in vitro fertilization.

Under the state’s labor code, RadarOnline should have obtained an entertainment permit for filming any child age 15 days to 18 years old. Fryer said they did not obtain one for that day, nor did they have one on file. In addition, filming is only allowable for 20 minutes per day between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., Fryer said.

On March 17, filming took place late that night as Radar accompanied Suleman from the hospital to her La Habra home. They were chased by phalanx of paparazzi, and when they arrived home, the scene outside resembled a rock concert. Helicopters flew overhead, dozens of camerapeople from around the world, along with hundreds of curious onlookers mobbed her cul-de-sac, prompting more than 200 calls to 911, including one from Suleman herself.

“They were brought home late in the evening, so it would have been beyond the hours set in the Labor Code,” Fryer said. “They were filmed in the home of Nadya Suleman. RadarOnline had control of the environment there. Our understanding is that they rearranged the furniture to set the scene. They set the lighting.”

The state codes also require that RadarOnline have a teacher on site. In the case of infants, that teacher would be responsible for overseeing the babies moral well-being, safety and health, Fryer said.]

Somebody needs to be there to oversee those babies health and safety, because that doesn’t seem to be Nadya’s primary focus. Those babies are Nadya’s cash cow and she is going to do what she has to to exploit them.