I would love to be Kelis broke. Kelis filed financial documents with the court last week, and it is kind of hard to feel sorry for her. Between November 2008 and April 2009 she earned on average $21,616, most of the income comes from touring. But her expenses are a hefty $80,831. Included in that number is $14,861 a month on her mortgage, $3,500 a month for a nanny, and $15,000 for entertainment, vacations, and gifts. And she expects Nas to make up the difference.

My advice for Kelis is give birth and head back on tour. Small babies are surprisingly easy to travel with, especially if you have help.Maybe it is time to move to a smaller house and find cheaper ways of entertaining herself. Because this divorce is starting to make her seem like a gold digger. The courts are going to make Nas pay, but depend she needs to depend on herself. Look at all the rappers who end up broke in the end from overspending.