Production has been halted on Jon & Kate Plus 8 following the Gosselins’ Monday revelation they’re splitting up, the network has announced.

TLC says next Monday’s episode will feature a clip package with some new footage, but the next all-new episode won’t air until August 3, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Times says the decision came from the network — not the family. (Because Jon and Kate are all about the money. They would willing throw their children’s well-being under the bus for a few extra dollars.)

Only six episodes of the 40-episode season have aired. Through tears on Monday’s show, Kate declared “the show must go on!”

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has become TLC’s highest-rated show. Its May premiere drew in 9.8-million viewers, a record for the network. (And ratings quickly fell because nobody wanted to watch the Jon and Kate that they have become.)

The Times says TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes because of the Gosselins’ marital turmoil.

Episodes that were televised this season were often shot last-minute and even completed on the day of airing.And here is the rest of it.