The Michael Jackson edition. The stories coming out just keep getting stranger and stranger. Michael Jackson would be proud.

Mother of Michael Jackson’s Children Debbie Rowe Confesses He Was Not Their Father
This article is claiming that Debbie Rowe admitted that Michael Jackson was not the father of Prince Michael or Paris. Not that many people believe that he was. She says that they never even had sex. And he dumped her once he discovered that she wouldn’t be able to have more children. We all knew that marriage was a sham, and that she was just a fancy, well paid surrogate.

Debbie Rowe: I’m The Legal Parent Of Two Of Michael Jackson’s Kids
Debbie Rowe never actually gave up her parental rights. Is there a custody battle brewing? Because Katherine may be too old to raise such young kids for long, and didn’t she and Joe screw up most of the other Jackson children. But what will happen to Blanket if Debbie gets the two oldest? Would the courts really separate the kids?

Michael Jackson Family Photos
The photos prove that the kids weren’t as isolated as earlier believed. And that parts of their lives were actually kind of normal. And did he bleach the oldest kid’s hair? Because it is awful blond, Hitler Youth blond, and you can see dark roots.