Update: Jamie Lynn and Casey were seen getting pizza yesterday in Mississippi, so maybe things aren’t over.

Just like teen couple Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston before them, some people just grow up and move on…

A source said, “Casey proposed when Jamie turned 17. He gave her a gold band with numerous diamonds and one larger stone, but now she has given it back to him. Jamie wasn’t ready to get married. It’s been more than enough for her to adjust to new motherhood for now.”

Update: A source has revealed that ever since his accident, Casey has been sleeping on the couch. Jamie got fed up and kicked him out. I guess she had grown tired of his couch surfing for this whole time.

Insiders have said that this has been a long time coming.

Seventeen is just too young to get married. Yes, getting pregnant probably was the best decision either, but almost all teen marriages end in divorce. He seemed to be a down home version of Jamie’s former brother-in-law, Kevin. At least Jamie won’t get stuck paying him alimony.