While other stroller companies are busy issuing special edition fabrics and doodads, iCandy is trying to make a truly revolutionary stroller. The next stroller that they will be releasing is the Peach Blossom. It is designed to be a single or twin stroller like the Pear. On the frame of a single stroller you can even attach two car seats or carrycots. And if you only need to transport one child you can do that too. And while many strollers brag about their one hand fold,iCandy says the Peach will have one hand seat removal. Here are some of the features.

  • Peach chassis included
  • 2 seat units (one slightly smaller than the other) included
  • 2 carrycots included (one slightly smaller than the other)
  • 2 raincovers included
  • The larger carrycot and seat unit will fit directly on to the chassis to become a single pushchair
  • Numerous combinations of seat, carrycot and car seat positions
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre with 2 children
  • One hand easy fold
  • Seat units and adaptors attach and detach easily with one hand
  • Seat unit hoods slide up and down to accommodate your growing child
  • Contemporary but practical design & fabric choice

Of course iCandy isn’t available in the US or even online, but if you must have one call one of the European dealers and have it shipped. Warning, it will cost you a fortune in shipping.
Update: The iCandy Peach can be ordered here.

More pictures below.