The Bugaboo Takata hasn’t been released in the United States yet, but there have already been troubling problems reported in Europe. It seems that Takata (And Bugaboo is placing the blame squarely on Takata. They keep calling it the “Bugaboo car seat developed by Takata.) didn’t correctly attach all of the handles to the car seat shells. So when the car seat is being carried by the handle they can detach. Also the car seat doesn’t always attach properly to the stroller adapters. These are problems you would expect from a cheap car seat. Bugaboo is saying that they have had only three reported cases of the problem though, so it may just be a quality control problem.

Bugaboo has directions on how to check for the manufacturing defect on their European websites. If you car seat is affected stop using the car seat and return it to where you purchased it.

Bugaboo has been having a lot of problems with their products lately. There was a recall for the Bee and reported problems with the the Cameleon’s handles.