There is quite a buzz about the Orbit Baby G2. The stroller just premiered at the ABC Kids Expo. First off, it’s red. Finally something other than grey or beige. It is also a stroller that you can use from birth if you aren’t interested in the car seat. Orbit has introduced what they are calling 3D Rotation. The stroller now reclines, forward and back. Even though I don’t understand why you would want to tilt a baby forward. And no more air pump, they replaced the old tires with foam tires and gave them 4 shock absorbers per tire. Then they gave the stroller a hard footrest that can be adjusted as your child grows. And on hot days you can unzip a vent in the back of the stroller for increased air circulation. There are also some cosmetic changes like, a newly designed cupholder, and a covered snack tray for the kiddies.

Expect it around January 2010. There isn’t a price listed yet, but expect it to priced similarly to the first generation toddler stroller which is around $600.

And did you see that sweet red carrycot in the background. And the beige cover on the stroller, also in the background, is probably Orbit’s new organic fireproof seat covers. I’ll try to get more information on those for later.

I do have a complaint, not about the Orbit, but about the Kids Expo. Why not have it during the summer? A lot of people have kids in school during September and can’t attend. Most of the publicity for this thing comes from blogs, so why not make it easier for parent bloggers to attend.

Update: Pish Posh Baby has the stroller for preorder. It says $900, but that seems to be a misprint. The price will remain around the same.