Peg Perego is said to be releasing the lighter version of their Skate stroller in January 2010. Of course the stroller’s release date has been pushed back several times already.

There are a couple of differences between the original Skate and the 2010 version. (I’m sure it will be released sooner or later next year.) The change that most purchasers will appreciate is the new lower price. Peg Perego probably realized that in this economy that the market for $900 strollers has dwindled. So now the Skate will only set you back $699.

The 2010 Skate weighs just 23lbs, ten pounds lighter than the original. This is a feature that you will love after lugging it in and out of your trunk a few times, or on and off a public transportation (a stroller nightmare usually).

Sadly, the seat and bassinet are now two separate pieces. But at least Peg Perego is including the bassinet with the stroller. So you don’t have to buy it as a $200 optional accessory.