Davy Kho, the director of Mima Kids was kind enough to send a little more information on the company’s product line. He wrote:

Our products need some explanation.
In terms of design I think we have been able to innovate the stroller category. I especially wanted to get rid of the tacky look of the usual fabric stitched seat. I wanted to achieve the look of the interior of a nice car, with a sleek and clean looking seat.
Also in terms in functionality we have been able to innovate. The seat unit works like a suitcase. You simply zip it open, and inside you will find the frame, with a carrycot attached. The carrycot simply pops out, and there you go. So converting from seat to carrycot, and vice versa, is incredibly easy. After six to eight months of using the carrycot, you just put it back into the seat, without the need of storing it separately. This seat with patented “carrycot inside” system, is the same for both models: Kobi and Xari.
Kobi grows with your family, as you can also buy a second (empty) seat as an accessory when a second baby gets born.
Xari is a single, more compact stroller.

At the moment we are working hard to get the products 100% perfect. We are targeting to release both models around June/July 2010.

And there is a reason that the Kobi and Xari look so much like the Bloom highchair, Kho worked on the Bloom product line while at Ytra Design.