Dwight Yorke is speaking out about his relationship with Jordan and Peter Andre. And it isn’t pretty. But I still say that Peter Andre is the best parent for Harvey out of the three. Dwight Yorke had the money to fight for Harvey, but instead he just let another man raise his child.

Dwight Yorke has broken his silence on his relationship with Katie Price, describing her as ‘vain and infuriating’ and confessing that he wanted to ‘throttle’ her former husband Peter Andre.

The footballer has also admitted for the first time that he cheated on Price during their stormy 18-month relationship, although he refused to give any details about the encounter.

In extracts from his new book, ‘Born to Score’, reported in the News of The World, the former Manchester United star describes in detail the moment his former girlfriend told him she was pregnant with their son Harvey.

‘My reaction was immediate,’ he said. ‘There was no way we could have this baby. I told her, “Our relationship is too unstable. I don’t think it’s right”.’

But despite initially appearing to agree with Yorke, within a few days she was on the phone telling him she was going ahead with the pregnancy.

Yorke described Price’s partying in the year following Harvey’s birth – by which time the couple had split – as ‘the most distressing thing I’d ever had to deal with’.

He recalls staying down one night and Katie’s crowd were heading off to a big party in London.

He said the crowd came back ‘steaming drunk’ and made a terrible noise, despite the fact that little Harvey was asleep upstairs.

‘I challenged her about this lifestyle. She’d desperately wanted our baby but was this her idea of motherhood?

‘I’m not by nature a bitter person, but no one’s driven me quite so close to that as Katie. The woman is infuriating.’

Despite his anger with the glamour model, he tried to get back together with her at one point that year, whisking her and Harvey away on a luxury break to Barbados, and then on to Tobago.

After a night of ‘wild’ sex, Yorke describes how he pulled out a £45,000 ring and gave it to Price.

‘It was clearly an engagement ring,’ said Yorke.

‘Perhaps she loved the gift but not the man who’d given it to her.’

When they arrived in Tobago, Yorke said Price’s mood ‘darkened’. She wouldn’t let Yorke’s mother look after her grandson Harvey, claiming her house didn’t have the right cot.

Yorke was left reeling – and it sparked the end of their relationship forever.

‘It was deeply upsetting,’ said Yorke. ‘The fact that Katie couldn’t grant my mum that p***** me off like never before. I hated her at that moment. It was the final nail in the coffin – I wanted nothing more to do with her.’

They flew home separately – and Price never returned his ring.

Yorke explained that his relationship with the mother of his child took a further turn for the worse when she hooked up with Peter Andre following their meeting on I’m A Celebrity,.

‘When I met Andre I wanted to throttle him,’ admits Dwight. ‘I’m not a violent man and it takes an awful lot to rile me. But this man got under my skin at the outset.’

Dwight said he would get wound up by the pair putting on ostentatious displays of affection, kissing and cuddling each other and calling one another ‘Babes’ and ‘Precious’.

He added that he tried to have as little to do with them as possible and would cringe on visits to their home to visit Harvey.

Describing the house as a ‘shrine to their own vanity’, with pictures of the couple all over the walls, he said: ‘I found it creepy. I couldn’t walk down a hallway without his preening mug staring back at me or the pair of them draped over each other.’

And when Andre discussed adopting Harvey, Yorke became incensed.

No way would I ever, ever, allow Harvey to be adopted by him. Over the years I’ve heard Katie saying how Andre is Harvey’s dad and what a terrible, uncaring father I’ve been, all of which sticks in my throat.

‘Maybe if she hadn’t made life so difficult for me, I might have been able to take a far more proactive role.’

In 2004, Harvey was rushed to hospital after burning his leg badly.

Yorke said he was shocked by the sight of his injuries, which Price had described as ‘not bad’.

Lifting up the bandage to take a look, Yorke said: ‘It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen – especially as it was a child and my child at that.’

According to Price, Harvey had climbed into the bath and switched on the hot water tap, scalding himself.

‘I was furious,’ said Yorke. ‘For everything Katie’s hurled at me about my parenting skills, I felt theirs weren’t particularly impressive that day.’

The revelations will be a further blow to Price, who has been subject to harsh criticism since her split from Peter Andre in May.

In recent weeks she has been forced to defend herself against critics who have belittled allegations that she was raped.

She claimed she was assaulted by a celebrity after she ended up in bed him at a party, long before her marriage to Andre, 36.

In the News of the World last week, she said: ‘Now every time I see his face on TV, I shudder. It brings back such horrible memories.’

She has since claimed she had ‘no idea’ her claims would cause such an outcry, and regretted making the revelation.

On Friday, the mother-of-three enjoyed a day out with her children at the cinema, taking Harvey, Junior and Princess Tiaamii to the premiere of Hero Of The Rails in Leicester Square.

Boyfriend Alex even brought along his nephew to the showing of the Thomas the Tank Engine movie.

After the film, the family headed off to a hotel in central London.

A few hours later, Price enjoyed a meal at London’s trendy Nobu restaurant with her cage fighter boyfriend.

On Friday, chaos broke out at a Peter Andre album signing in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

More than 1,000 girls turned up to meet the star at an Asda store and began squirting washing up liquid at Price’s books, perfume and calendars.

An insider told the Daily Star: ‘I guess the girls wanted to make a point. There was washing-up liquid everywhere.

‘Pete didn’t mind about Jordan’s stuff being on sale – but his fans clearly did.’


Here is the link to Peter Andre’s response which is basically, Harvey calls me dad because it takes a man to be daddy.