Jon Gosselin has spent much of the time since he was “fired” from Jon&Kate Plus 8 screaming  that he doesn’t want his children to be on television anymore. So what did he go out and do…made a side deal to film the twins’ birthday celebration with him.

An intrepid TMZ reporter called the Cupcake Cafe in NYC. The owner told us she got several calls from “a person from”Entertainment Something,” ordering the cake and asking permission to shoot inside the bakery when Jon came a callin’.

When Jon arrived at the shop he had his eye on the cupcakes — thus the name, Cupcake Cafe. Jon was surprised to learn the person from “Entertainment Something” had already ordered a cake. The owner thinks Jon paid cash, but that begs the question — did “Entertainment Something” ultimately foot the $94.00 bill?

We checked TV Guide but no “Entertainment Something” is listed. So we took a shot in the dark and contacted “Entertainment Tonight.” The rep said her show absolutely did not pay for Jon’s cake.

But when Jon got the cake, an entertainment show was inside the shop shooting the “action.” We do not know if the crew from “Entertainment Something” was inside the store, but “Entertainment Tonight” was.

Maybe Jon should have ordered the cake himself because they misspelled Mady’s name. Or maybe he’s so dumb that he doesn’t know that it isn’t spelled, “Maddy.”